i’m a moron...and i NEED a partner!!

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moron in 1966....

i’m a genius, as well...[probably  90% genius vs just 10% moron]... but a moron, nonetheless... am an ADDult genius.. i thinx ‘em up like crazy (look at this list!), but i need a partner to make ‘em work!!

a true case of visionary seeks implementer.  i was chairman, ceo of a publicly traded company when i was 29... i’m smart..yet my complex brain doesn’t give me the “tab A in slot 4” functionality side of life as well as it might’ve. can you spell “brilliant guy occasionally does stupid things?” therefore, i need to complement my brains, with yours. 

You are successful, and you will drive my visions to profitville.  i happen to live on the ocean in miami beach, but not important where you are. if you have capital, and are seeking to run/own a series of fun (billionairestoys.com and GoFiPo.com..golf, fishing, poker..should set the pace), yet immensely profitable businesses (BuyMyHouse.com to start) contact me.

the  Moron family of names...

hesamoron.com, shesamoron.com, whosamoron.com, whosthemoron.com, whosamoron.tv, and whosthemoron.tv, www.imamoron.com

can you spell R E A L I T Y  S H O W ??

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moron in 1979.. then Chairman, CEO of NYSE publicly traded corp... NYC based Listfax Corp.


Some of my creations & their web sites

jeanne..sister of moron

bean 2 b w

soon to become America’s greatest real estate site..created by moron

as seen on www.BuyMyHouse.com

 please read my sister’s story on www.JeannesHouses.org

everything you see on this page, is designed to generate the capital to build THIS one

world’s greatest poker tutorial DVD created & produced by the moron

as seen on www.PokerThink.com

stepson of moron03

  kidz ‘n petz


run by stepson of moron

as seen on www.KidznPetz.com

45 million americans Golf..60 million Fish.. 80 million play Poker.  according to the moron.. they’re the same guy!! see the site.. join the club!

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as seen on www.GoFiPo.com


consign now 1 2 3


turn your unwanteds into CASH

as seen on www.ConsignNow123.com

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expense card04

moron in 2000, when he created the vision shared on www.AllThingsPoker.com, with celebrity poker Founding Shareholders.. including johnny chan, phil hellmuth, phil ivey, daniel negreanu, and others,  and the expense card (look to right).

Bank One.. then the largest credit card processor in the world, gave me credit for creating the 1st universally accepted debit card, the expense card, and the personal version, Enjoy This Giftcard,  i invented these just prior to 9.11, which scuttled the plans for release.

Sites yet to be developed.. contact me if you want to help build them

www.CharterThis.com, www.CharterThisJet.com, www.CharterThisYacht.com, www.LeaseThisLimo.com, www.BillionairesToys.com, www.OnlinePlayersClub.com, www.MarryMySister.com, www.RichThinandBeautiful.com, www.ThePokerShow.com, www.TheBiggestAsshole.com , www.TakeYourLosses.com

moron  new years eve 09

       Moron.. New Years Eve ‘09...

in darn good health for an old fart of 59

Moron Contact:   david@imamoron.com